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Stranded II: Passport to Passion

Title:  Stranded II Passport to Passion
Studio: Offworld
Released: April 2015
Format:  VOD only via
Director: Magdalene St. Michaels
Running Time:  52:34
Performers:  Natasha Starr, Magdalene St. Michaels
It’s been a week of contrasts for this reviewer.  I’ve watched two scenes at the opposite ends of the instant gratification spectrum.  Earlier in the week I watched, and reviewed, a scene from  It was sixteen minutes of action.  Hot action to be sure, but highly paced and intense.  The other end of that continuum is represented in this video, which is just under 53 minutes in length and takes about 20 of them to get to the first kiss.
Stranded II:  Passport to Passion is the second video in the Stranded series, the brainchild of Magdalene St. Michaels and her multi-talented husband Michael.  They’re taking a big chance with these videos, going a big step further than any other narrative driven production to date, in my opinion.  This video, like its predecessor is not for everyone, particularly not for the Gonzo crowd. If you only watch porn to see naked people having hot sweaty sex you may become very impatient with this scene.  If, on the other hand, you appreciate a nice slow (realistic) build up to the action and enjoy some rather good (and intelligent) improvised conversation that leads naturally to the sex, then this one, like its predecessor, is richly rewarding and ultimately a very satisfying viewing experience.
The sex, once it starts, is passionate, hot, intense, creative, and spontaneous.  Nothing is edited, by which I mean everything that happens in the scene happens in real time.  It’s as if we’re right there, in the room, silent voyeurs to two women pleasuring each other on a white leather couch.
I had to think for a minute before I remembered where I had seen Natasha Starr before, and then it came to me – she and her sister Natalia appeared together in Nina Hartley’s Unscripted (Filly Films).  More recently the Starr sisters appeared in Hustler’s Sister Swap.  Natasha is more known for her performances in such movies as DP My Wife with Me 4, Lex is Up Her Ass, and Blond Anal MILFS than she is for her girl-girl work.  But after seeing her in Stranded II I sincerely hope that she does more girl-girl.

Once again Magdalene is paired with a long, lean, athletic woman and the contrast in physicality adds to the scene.  Once the sex starts Natasha drives the action for the most part.  She simply overwhelms Magdalene and has her in a nearly constant state of climax or near climax.  Starr is a force of nature who leaves Magdalene cum drunk and exhausted from pleasure.

But, as Magdalene’s  fans know, she is not a selfish lover, and, when Natasha allows it, that is to say when she’s not attacking Magdalene’s breasts or pussy, Magdalene does her usual masterful job of pleasing her partner.  Overall though, I’d say Magdalene got the most out of this scene and that’s fine with me.  Once you see Magdalene in the throes of orgasm you won’t forget the sight in a hurry.  She climaxes with her whole body in a way that seems impossible to fake.  Her grunts and gasps, the full body rigor, and involuntary muscle movement are tells that few other women bring to porn.  Most women would be self conscious about the kind of display Magdalene delivers to the video screen.  

The main premise of the Stranded series is people getting stuck someplace while travelling, hence the title.  In the first episode it was weather that grounded the planes and resulted in some hot girl-girl sex between Magdalene and Ela Darling.  In this episode, Natasha Starr loses her passport and can’t fly back to Poland.  She calls Magdalene, who tells her to get a cab and come over to her place to say until Natasha can straighten out her passport situation.

After the women initially meet and greet one another, they change into more comfortable clothing and start drinking wine.  In vino veritas, as they discuss the various naughty things they have done under the influence, and both admit to having an attraction to women’s breasts.  Natasha admits even more, telling Magdalene that she has used a strap-on to fuck Magdalene’s daughter Jenny.  This, of course, opens the door to a discussion of girl-on-girl sex, and that produces our first kiss, about 20 minutes into the scene.  Things progress in a very deliberate manner from here, but once the sex really starts the pace is furious and the energy crackles.

Without going into sexual play-by-play, there are three things in particular I think are worthy of including here.  One occurs early in the sex part of the scene when Natasha is attacking Magdalene’s nipples.  Magdalene has her hands in her panties masturbating and she brings herself off quite nicely. This segment is allowed to proceed at its own pace and takes longer than we usually expect these things to take, but it is all the more realistic when it happens.  

Second, after this sequence, Natasha gets down and puts her face against Magdalene’s panty clad privates and basically motor-boats Magdalene to another very intense climax.  

Third, toward the end of the scene, there is an extended tribbing sequence during which both women seem to get off, and Magdalene gets off repeatedly.  After this, Natasha once again goes oral on Magdalene’s lady parts, bringing her off yet again.  

I lost track of the number of times Magdalene climaxed in this scene, but it was a lot.  Very enjoyable to watch.

It’s easy to sign up for the VOD site and the price of this video is quite reasonable, particularly if you don’t want to own it.  You can rent it for a few days for less than you would pay to see a movie in the local multiplex and not a whole lot more than you would pay to rent a DVD or Blue Ray disc from the Red Box.  

I highly recommend this video for those who appreciate realistic settings, spontaneous and spirited sex play, and great videography.  Everything about this production, in spite of its relatively low budget, is first rate.

Your mileage may vary.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future earnings.  Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.  Caveat Emptor.

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