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Lesbian Sex 4

Title:                      Lesbian Sex 4
Studio:                  Girlfriends Films
Director:              none credited
Performers:       Bobbi Star, Kara Price, Elexis Monroe, Tia Ling, India Summer, Veronica Avluv, Samantha Ryan, Jelena Jensen

There are four scenes in this fourth installment of yet another Sapphic Themed hit series from Girlfriends Films.  Since this series is up to volume 7 as I write this it may seem a bit tardy.  Well, chalk it up to my living in the fly-over zone and not being able to watch VOD for various reasons that I won’t go into here.  The general format is that two women talk about sex and relationships for a while and they actually have sex.  This may sound like a great excuse to abuse the FF button, but I actually found the dialogues to be of some interest, particularly the in depth discussion that Bobbi Star and Kara Price have about anal sex.  I’m afraid that many, however, are going to find the talking head (as opposed to the giving head) portion of the video a chore.  Your mileage may vary.  Fortunately even if you don’t like the self disclosure duets the sex is more than hot enough to make you forget that there was anything else on the DVD.

Scene 1:  Bobbi Star/Kara Price

Kara starts off by admitting to having a long standing desire to have girl-girl anal sex with Bobbi Star.  This leads to a lengthy conversation about lesbian sex, porn performance, strap-on dildos (and their lack of warmth), the possibility of doing harm to your partner while plowing her nether opening with a toy you can’t really feel.  It’s an interesting dialog.  But it’s not why we wanted to buy/rent the movie is it?  Right.  Well, the sex, when it comes, is well worth the wait.  Bobbi Star, a terrific adult director and lesbian top in her own right and frequent Dominatrix in the dungeons at knows what she’s about when it comes to wielding a strap on and she proves it with Kara who gets everything she wants from Bobbi and then some.  And, Kara turns the tables on Bobbi in a powerful sequence that is guaranteed to fill a few wads of tissue someplace.  It’s a great scene to kick off the video with lots of intensity, two beautiful women, and the intimate ethos that is the trademark of Girlfriends Films.

 Scene 2:  Elexis Monroe/Tia Ling

I’ve referred to Elexis Monroe as the Queen of Lesbian Porn and I’ll say it again here.  Although she’s done some hetero porn, Elexis is far more interested in women.  In this video she is paired with the always delectable Tia Ling who, to my delight, was lactating when this video was shot.  Oh yes, I’m totally going there.  Elexis gives Tia a good milking, not to mention a great fucking, and Tia gives it right back.  What made this a little different from other lactating videos I’ve seen is that Elexis actually swallows some of the breast milk.  That’s not something I’ve seen very often if at all.  It’s über erotic and intensely intimate.  Tia’s milk is what this scene is all about and it works.  Trust me.

Scene 3:  Veronica Avluv/India Summer

I have to admit that this was the pairing that I most wanted to see when I picked up this video.  India Summer is a past AVN MILF of the Year Award Winner and if Veronica doesn’t get that trophy this year the judges need to be drug tested.  So we have two of the hottest MILFS in porn about to go at it.  How can this go wrong?  Well I’m sure there might have been a way for that to happen but it most definitely didn’t go wrong.  No, no, no, it went abso-freaking-lutely right.  The interview is interesting and informative but it is obvious that these two ladies can’t wait to get into the bedroom and each other’s pants.  Obviously they do or there’d be no scene.  These two ladies have worked together before – twice in MFF threesomes and once in a girl-girl scene in 2011.  So there’s some familiarity here which is good because each has some idea of the other’s likes and dislikes.  I’m not going to give away the details of the scene (you’ll have to buy or rent this video to see what happens) except to say that it was worth the price of the video all by itself.  Neither one of these women has ever phoned in a scene in her life (at least the ones I’ve watched, but I strongly suspect that this is true of both of these ladies generally).  And when they have at each other sparks fly and so does the pussy juice.  I’ve decided that when it’s my time I’d like to go out of this world being fucked to death by Veronica Avluv and India Summer.  It would be a quick death and the mortician would have a hell of a time wiping the smile off my face.

Scene 4:  Jelena Jensen/Samantha Ryan

As they say on late night TV, “but wait…there’s MORE!”  And so it is with Lesbian Sex 4.  You’ll want to give yourself some time to recover after the Veronica Avluv/India Summer pairing before you watch this scene…trust me.

I was fascinated by the things I learned in the dialog portion of this scene.  When I’m watching porn my higher, analytical, brain functions are impaired by lack of oxygen and I have to admit that I don’t spend a lot of time wondering what the ladies on my TV screen were doing before they got into the industry or what their educational backgrounds might be.  Shame on me.  The origins stories these two ladies tell are worth listening to if you are at all interested in porn stars as human beings.  And, then, there’s the sex.  Samantha Ryan and Jelena Jensen are two of the most beautiful women in the adult biz.  The contrast in body types here is one of the things that makes this scene so great to watch.  Like all of Jelena Jensen’s female partners before this, Samantha is (and rightly so) fascinated by Jensen’s breasts as well as the rest of her lush body.  Jensen is attracted to Ryan’s graceful beauty and innate sensuality.  There’s chemistry here even though the two have never worked together before and, for all I know, have only just met.  There’s nothing out of the ordinary here in terms of activities, positions, or techniques, but this scene closes out the video on a high note. 
General Thoughts

I have no trouble giving this video a strong “buy” recommendation for anyone who likes to see two women go at it.  GFF gives you your money’s worth and then some. Often times I'll pick out one or more scenes as being stronger than the others.  I can't do that in this case even though my current favorite adult star, Veronica Avluv, has an epic scene with another of my faves, India Summer.  All four scenes are excellent in unique ways and it would be impossible for me to say one was better than the others. That's what I mean whan I say GFF gives you your money's worth an then some on this volume. There are no glaring errors of a technical nature – videography, lighting, sound, and editing are all first rate.  The scenes develop organically without any overt interference from the director – a hallmark of Girlfriends Films and one that I applaud.  My view of porn directing is that it should all take place before the scene starts.  Find people with chemistry, put them in a room together, tell them to have all the sex they want, explain to your crew how you want it shot, call “action” and STFU until it’s time to say “cut.”  Your mileage may vary.

Well done, Dan O’Connell.  Well done.

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  1. This is a classic review MstrHoles. You always go into a lot of detail that many critics tend to overlook. That is why I enjoy reading your thoughts. I have to agree on two points in this review.

    You’d make an undertaker’s job difficult if India or Veronica gave you that final send-off. LMAO!

    Seriously, GFF with Dan O’Connell’s leadership, have a winning formula. Everything they touch is successful. Just look at their series. Lesbian Sex, Lesbian Seduction, Lesbian Legal, Lesbian House Hunters, Lesbian Triangles, Girls in White, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club, Women Seeking Women or any of their other great series. They somehow seem to know what guys and gals enjoy watching.


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