Sunday, July 29, 2012

This just in...

My reviews are now being linked to the relevant titles on  And, I discovered that they have my old reviews from the RAME days, so I'm going to collect those reviews and post them here as well so you can see what videos I was watching in the 90's.

One thing I noticed when I was reading the old reviews is how the advent of a website/data base like IAFD has made it easier to write reviews. is another terrific resource.  When you're watching an adult video note taking isn't a top priority.  For one thing it generally requires the use of one's hands, and, believe me when I'm watching an XXX video my hands are completely occupied (lol).

Having resources like IAFD and Adultdvdtalk means that I can go back to pick up a list of stars, the name of the director, production house, etc. if I have trouble remembering them later on.  Plus I can find out, for example, how many girl-girl scenes or anal scenes or whatever-scenes someone has done, or how many times star-X has worked with star-Y.   I think including that type of info in a review is a good thing.  So far I haven't gotten any complaints.


Thanks to IAFD for linking my reviews to the videos on their site.  I think this is a really cool thing.  I guess I really need to go back and fix all the typos now...

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  1. Congrats on a long overdue honor. IAFD will allow even more people to read in-depth reviews unlike any others.


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