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My Favorite ___________, Part 1

I've gotten some e-mail and Twitter messages lately asking me why I haven't posted any new reviews for quite a while. There are a number of reasons but the most important is that I've experienced a rather serious personal tragedy recently and I just haven't been much in the mood to either watch or write about porn. At this point I have parts of four or five reviews written but I haven't been able to finish watching any of the videos, and not for the usual reasons...

So I thought I'd compose a post that was a sort of conflation of thoughts and ideas that have been bouncing around in the caverns of my cranium. This will be a multi-part blog post, and I may add things after the fact as thoughts occur.

Heading 1:  Current Favorite Stars

Anyone who has watched as much porn as I have over the last forty or so years could not fail to notice the parade of women and men through the industry.  Some stay for a few videos (or even just one) while others have careers spanning decades (Ginger Lynn and Nina Hartley for example).  I'd be hard pressed to name an all time list of favorite porn ladies; even a top 100 would be a challenge.  So I tend to keep a mental list of current favorites -- not quite a "flavor of the week," but close.  Here are a few of my current "must see" ladies -- women whose presence on a video will automatically grab my attention (and probably my money). These do not appear in any particular order, so don't read anything into positioning.

Veronica Avluv

The first time I saw Veronica was with Jessi Palmer (another fave) in Episode 30 of Girlfriends Films Lesbian Seductions.  I was smitten.  According to Palmer, that was Veronica's first on screen hard core girl-girl action -- I've never verified this with Veronica (it's not like we're pen pals).  Since nothing I've heard her say in interviews or read about her career contradicts what Jessi Palmer said, I'll leave it at that. 

Veronica is beautiful.  That is a totally inadequate way to describe her.  I've said before that she is the quintessential Vargas Girl, the classic pin-up, with long shapely legs, a sexy tush, beautiful breasts, and a face that would have served as more than adequate inspiration for 16th century English poet Christopher Marlowe -- Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships, And burnt the topless towers of Illium?

But there are a lot of beautiful women in the world and very few of them bring what Veronica does to the screen.  It took me a while to get used to the way she performs in sex scenes.  When I saw her with Sean Michaels in one of her early M/F scenes (MILFS Like it Black) I thought she was over acting.  I'd never seen anyone go that crazy in a sex scene before.  I was wrong.  That's how she is in EVERY scene, pretty much -- she gets off big time almost every time.  She squirts, she squeals, she thrashes, she babbles -- she's all in.

A great early example is her work for's Fucking Machines.  I think her yodel is what they use for all their opening audio on FM.  She should trademark it the way Harley Davidson has trademarked the well known sound of its exhaust -- there's no mistaking the sound of a Harley.  That's Veronica in full voice.  You won't mistake her ululations for anyone else's.

If I had to pick a favorite scene of hers (so far, and admittedly I haven't seen them all) it would be her tryst with Manuel Ferrera in Raw 9.  She completely loses it.  I think at one point she babbles "I love you," as he's mastering her with his cock (I might be mistaken -- the camera microphone was across the room).  It is an epic scene, and I know that epic is a word that has been used all too frequently, so I probably should amend that to "extremely memorable."

Other high points for me would be her scenes with Deauxma (Road Queen 19 -- marvelous masturbation sequence)  and with Julia Ann (Women Seeking Women 74). Both of these scenes are included in reviews posted elsewhere on this blog. There are many others and even though space for this blog is, in theory, without limit, I'd like to finish this article some time before the world ends next December 21st, so I'll move on.

Veronica started slowly but wow has she come on.  There are tons of titles with her name on them, and I notice that she is the featured box cover girl for Is Your Mother Home? 2 for Zero Tolerance.  By the time you read this the DVD should be available for purchase, if it isn't already by the time I finish this.

She's worked for a ton of studios and web providers and I can see her being more and more in demand. She does anal, which she didn't do at first, and she's done at least one DP, if that's something you care about.  Personally I wouldn't care if she never did another anal scene or even another B/G scene again.  I'd be happy if she only did G/G as long as I got to see her lovely form on my hi-def TV screen.

Julia Ann

I remember seeing Julia Ann in the 90's when she was a hot young starlet.  While "starlet" and "young" are two appellations that no longer apply, "hot" certainly does.  I actually think that Julia has gotten more beautiful over the years.  She can perform in a wide variety of scenes, from tender and romantic to down right nasty -- but no matter how nasty she's being (e.g. Pretty Sloppy 4) she retains the status of "lady" as far as I'm concerned.

Physically there's a lot to admire here.  I'm not always a fan of after-market breasts, but on Julia they look great.  But that's not where I wanted to start.  It's that smile and those dimples.  Legs that go all the way up. A tushy to die for.  Lots of women have that.  But no one has Julia Ann's hands.  Have you ever noticed them? She has long fingers -- the fingers of concert pianist -- and when you watch her caress someone or pleasure herself their movements are graceful and beautiful.  I don't have a hand fetish, but I look for things that distinguish people rather than what makes them look alike.  Her hands and the way she employs them are distinctive.  When you put the whole package together?  Pure sensuality.

I think (but I'm not sure now) that the first time I saw her was in Elements of Desire (1994 Ultimate Video). She's the star of that video and her scene with Dyanna Lauren was a highlight for me from that title.  I'd like to say that I followed her career from then on, but that would not be true. In fact after the mid-90's, I didn't really notice her again until I started seeing some of her work for Girlfriends Films and Sweetheart/Sweet Sinner.  I wondered why I hadn't followed her more closely.  Well, I'm making up for lost time.  Speaking of Dyanna Lauren she's one of my favorite pairings for Julia Ann.  You can tell they've been friends forever -- they are completely comfortable with each other both in and out of bed.  Two really good examples of this are their scenes together in the Mike Quasar production Lip Service for Zero Tolerance, and in Melissa Monet's foray into writing/directing To Protect and To Serve 1 for Girlfriends Films.

As far as favorite scenes -- how can one choose?  IAFD lists her in more than 300 video productions, not counting her web work for companies like Brazzers, Kink, etc.  There are some that stand out, however, and I'll just mention a few.

I've already referenced one in my ode to Veronica Avluv -- see above -- and I won't rehash it again.  She was incredible for Nica Noelle in a pair of videos:  Julia Ann Loves Girls and The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past.  The former was an all girl lez-fest that included such porn luminaries as Dana Dearmond, Asa Akira, Allie Haze, and Phoenix Marie.  Every scene in that video was a scorcher.  Stepmother 4 was a hetero themed video in which Julia Ann has a scene with Tommy Gunn that absolutely explodes with passion.  I never finished my review of Julia Ann Loves Girls but my review of Stepmother 4 appears elsewhere on this blog.

Julia shows no signs of slowing down.  It seems like she's doing more anal now than ever before and she's even put her toe into the BDSM waters with Kink. She also explored her kinky side in a scene for Pornstars Punishment with a male actor whose name escapes me at the moment.  She was brutally fucked, smacked around, and abused for this web production and it was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen on the screen.

Magdalene St. Michaels

Ah, Magdalene.  What a wonderful British import.  I have been quoted as saying that Tanya Tate is the best British import since the Beatles, so what shall I say about Magdalene?  I'd say she's the best British Import since the Bentley.  How's that?  From her auburn tresses to the tips of her toes she is every inch a lady, but sometimes, the lady is a tramp (in a positive, affirming way, of course).

With Magdalene it isn't so much about her physical beauty, which she has in abundance, but her presence in a scene.  Her voice, her acting abilities (which are considerable), the way she holds herself.  She epitomizes grace and manners, but underneath, a smoldering sexuality waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting young woman or man.

I know I haven't seen everything she's done -- close to a hundred titles in just five years -- but I've seen a lot of it and I've rarely been disappointed.

One of the things that I really love about Magdalene is her commitment to a scene and more importantly to her partner in a scene.  You will never catch her looking at the camera to see if we're watching.  Her focus is on who she is with, period.  What a wonderful partner she must be in bed.  She is passionate, considerate, creative, caring, and, well, just plain HOT.

Not only that but she has done something that a LOT of female porn performers won't do and that is appear in a video featuring male bisexuality.  As a practicing bisexual male myself I appreciate that.  The video is Wanna Fuck My Wife Gotta Fuck Me Too 4 for Devils Films.  I have yet to obtain a copy, but it's on my wish list.

I have a lot of favorite Magdalene scenes, but two in particular stand out for me.  One is her scene with the numero uno lesbian stud  Sinn Sage in Nica Noelle's Mother Lovers Society 2 for Sweetheart Video.  This scene featured off the wall L-U-S-T and pegged the passion meter at maximum. At one point, Sinn is squatting on Magdalene's face.  Magdalene is simultaneously eating Sinn's cookie while at the same time vigorously rubbing her own happy spot with her fingers and squealing in orgasmic delight.  By that point so was I.

The other is her more recent Girlfriends Films appearance in Women Seeking Women 77 with the big breasted Jelena Jensen.  It is known that Magdalene has a thing for big breasts, and Jelena has one of the best racks around and it's all real.  Magdalene goes wild.

I would continue this rhapsody but there's already an entire website devoted to rhapsodizing about this amazing woman  -- -- and I invite you to read all the great things that my good friend Jen Doe has to say about Magdalene.

Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage has been called a stud, and I think the appellation fits.  She's a lesbian stud for sure.  You know she's going to go balls to the wall, in a matter of speaking, every time.  I've never seen her phone it in and I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite scene because I have loved every one I've watched so far.

She can act, she's intelligent, she's passionate, and she makes no bones about what she wants.  I really like watching her in a scene.  She stays totally focused on her partner; I've never seen her look toward the camera.  She loves tribbing -- a big turn on for me.

She's worked for a variety of studios and with lots of different partners.  I referenced her scene with Magdalene St Michaels already -- and what a great scene it was. But she's had a number of superlative pairings, some of which I've reviewed.

Sinn Sage has a world class ass.  Her scene with Celeste Star in Filly Films Lesbian Ass Worship was worth the price of the video all by itself (NOTE: I have a review of that video partially finished -- watch for it).  She is not a conventional porn beauty but every bit of her is sexual and she knows how to use it.  I would imagine that she's pretty popular as a porn partner. She's sure popular with me.

Dana Dearmond

I'm fairly certain that I first saw Dana in one of those Thornhill soaps that Girlfriends Films was putting out for a while.  Her work in both the Imperfect Angels and Field of Schemes series was what first brought her to my attention.  Her scene with Leah Livingston (who, alas, is no longer doing porn) in Imperfect Angels 6 is one that I hope to never forget. Dana really plays mean girls well.

Dana is really up front about her sexuality.  She likes to fuck and whether she's with a man or a woman she enjoys herself.  She's playful yet intense in a scene.  She's smart and has a wicked sense of humor -- she can play comedy very well.

Her portrayal of Ensign Ro Laren in Digital Sin's STNG parody was both spot on and highly erotic, and her sex scene with Worf (played by Lee Bang) was amazing.  And I say this as someone who usually despises porn parodies.

More recently, her scene with James Dean in Bush 2 for Elegant Angel was the best scene in the video, in my opinion.  And her appearance in the second half of Gang Banged 2 saved what would otherwise have been a rather pedestrian effort for one of my favorite directors, Mason.

She's also done some absolutely stellar work for Kink, particularly on their Everything Butt web site.  She has graduated from sub to domme and wow can she dominate.  I just love watching her work over another girl.

One of the things I like about Dana is how good she is with fans.  She has the most active discussion group in the Adult DVD Talk forum and her Twitter posts are by turns insightful, sarcastic, silly, funny, and sexy.   She does not suffer fools or haters.  If you ask her a dumb question she will show you up for the fool that you are.

She's equally comfortable on camera or behind the microphone on a radio show.  Don't try to outsmart her because you lack the equipment.  Trust me on that.  I hope that Dana continues to delight her fans with her razor sharp wit and sexy ways.

Asa Akira

Not counting web stuff, Asa Akira has performed in more than 230 videos in just six years in the adult business.  I think that's pretty impressive.  Her on screen presence smolders.  Her exotic features and feline grace are an incredibly erotic combination.  What she does with them even more so. She has an incredible body which looks wonderful no matter the camera angle.  Her voice is also sexy -- part of the package.

She didn't do anal right away but once she started she went all the way, and it wasn't look before she was taking two cocks in the pooper in a very intense scene for her own website.

If you haven't seen either of the two installments of Asa Akira is Insatiable you need to see them ASAP.  Particularly her scene with Super Spaniard Nacho Vidal in Asa Akira is Insatiable 2 -- if you can get through that scene without putting a hand in your pants my hat is off to you.  I've never gotten through it once without stopping to clean up.

Her scene with Julia Ann in Julia Ann Loves Girls for Sweetheart Video was outstanding.  In truth I can't say that I've ever seen her in something I didn't like.  Whether she's with a girl (or group of women) or a guy (or a group of guys) she is all in.  She holds nothing back.
If I could afford one, I would absolutely buy her Fleshlight toy.  It would be the closest I would ever get to the real thing :).  Any video I see with her name on it is going to get  at least a second glance from me.

Chastity Lynn

In just four years of adult video performing Chastity Lynn has already racked up a pretty impressive list of titles, with more than 160 videos to her credit not counting web work.  She is a total cutie pie who looks all innocent but is capable of being incredibly nasty (see her in Anal Acrobats volumes 5 and 6, for example).

She doesn't have big tits, but she makes you not care about that.  She has tons of energy and throws herself into every scene 100 per cent.

I saw her girl-girl work for a variety of studios first and began to look for her elsewhere.  It didn't take long for me to find her fucking and sucking with the best, taking more dick than anyone her size should be ABLE to take, and not even breaking a sweat, apparently.

She seems completely comfortable and totally into whatever scene she's doing.  Girls? Guys? It doesn't matter.  This is a woman who let's you know right of front that she likes to get laid whoever she's with had better be the same.

Scenes that stand out include her work in the aforementioned Anal Acrobats (Evil Angel/Jay Sin), particularly volume 6, and her scene with Teri Weigel in Legends and Starlets 6 (Sweetheart Video/Nica Noelle).  But in truth I can't really point to a bad scene.  I know when I see her name on the box cover that there'll be something worth while in the video.

I might add to this list later, but for now, this is my "Magnificent Seven" of current faves.  I like/love the performances of many other ladies and a few men, and I don't mean this post to suggest that these seven ladies are the only ones I look for when I'm shopping for video.  These are my current favorites/obsessions -- I could have a different list next week.;

You'll have to follow my blog to find out.

Next -- I reveal the names of my FAVORITE DIRECTORS!  Think you can guess who they are?  If you guess right, I'll send you a pair of my used underwear signed in semen.  Second place gets a sleeve of golf balls I once used in a failed attempt to duplicate something I saw in an episode of Anal Acrobats.  Submit your answers, via e-mail, to  All judges decisions are final. Contest is open to those 18 years of age or older.  Members of my family had better not find out I'm writing this blog anyway, so I'm not worried about them entering.  Everyone else is eligible to win, although I don't expect anyone to want to.  In fact, wanting to win this contest is probably evidence of some creepy personality disorder, so just forget the whole thing, will you?

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